In January, Gabriella served as the host of March for Life TV, of which the March received innumerable media mentions. All of her interview broadcasts can be found here. Her tweets were also cite by PennLive.com.

In February, she wrote an op-ed for The Hill on gun suppressors which appeared on NRA’s blog and was shared by Gun Owners of America and the American Suppressor Association.


Gabriella appeared on several TV and radio programs in 2016. She went on Fox 5 DC to participate in their Live Watch Party for the third presidential debate. Moreover, she appeared on BBC World Service/ World Have Your Say twice to discuss the U.S. election the day before the election and the day after the election. She was also published in The Hill for the first time. In December, she did a segment for My Campaign Coach and was interviewed by Future Female Leader.

Earlier in 2016, Gabriella was mentioned in The Blaze for her support of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president and was also featured in Marie Claire in February about her thoughts on women and guns. An article of hers was mentioned on The Morning Answer  on AM 870 with Elissa Krauss, Ben Shapiro, and Brian Whitman, while another interview of her appeared on Huffington Post. She also appeared on NRATV March 1st and March 9th.

With her involvement with Liberty Farm Festival (September 2016), I was responsible for getting the event mentions on ABC News, POLITICO, Huffington Post, The Hill, Washington Examiner, Yahoo! News, Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Daily Press.


An article of Gabriella’s appeared on HotAir stating why Ted Cruz was the best choice for Millennials.

Additionally, Counter Cultured–a blog she co-founded with her sister, Anna Maria–received media mentions for its pro-Second Amendment video. It was featured on Independent Journal Review, Bearing Arms, and The Blaze.


In April, Gabriella appeared alongside other young conservative influencers on The Dana Show on TheBlaze, which is featured in ‘The Female Resistance Marches On’: Dana Loesch’s All-Female Panel Tackles the ‘War on Women’ “.

She was also featured on MichelleMalkin.com, Boston Globe, Mediate, Slate 


In early 2013, Gabriella was mentioned on The Rush Limbaugh Program, DRUDGE Report, and elsewhere for her interview on FoxNews.com about the payroll tax expiration.

She was also mentioned in Texas Monthly and interviewed by BBC Newsday and Daily Caller.


Gabriella was quoted in NBCNews.com, POLITICO, Voice of America, Business Insider, Daily Caller, and College USA Today


In November 2011, Gabriella was interviewed by The Daily Caller for helping co-found the publication, The College Conservative. 





In November 2010, FOX Nation highlights her article, “Princeton Wages War on Israel Through Sabra Hummus Boycott.” And on May 12th, 2010, a talk organized by Gabriella at UC-San Diego was mentioned on RedState.com.


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