Project Description

Delegate Marshall Wilson of West Virginia’s 60th District  approached me in early November 2017 for a branding training, citing a need for one in support of his upcoming re-election bid. Delegate Wilson was elected for the first time in November 2016 with 62.2% of the vote—24% ahead of his Democrat challenger.

Below are some pictures of the event:

This training- “Your State Seat Isn’t Safe“- is one of two trainings I launched last month. This particular training was held on Saturday, December 16th, 2017, in Inwood, West Virginia—within WV District 60 limits.

Here’s what went into the planning process:

  • Drafted 5 lectures for a social media + digital strategies training
  • Prepared training schedule
  • Monitored registrations through Eventbrite
  • Worked closely with host – Wilson campaign – to ensure training ran smoothly

Here’s how the training went down:

  • Put on a training lasting six hours
  • Presented five lectures on social media and digital strategies to apply to political campaigns
  • Offered insider tips to participants on how to brand their message effectively
  • Included visuals and important industry-related statistics
  • Answered participant questions and offered transparency

As a result of this training, over 20 supporters of Delegate Wilson’s campaign — including candidates for other electoral offices in West Virginia — were equipped with knowledge about effective social media and digital strategies to apply to their respective branding efforts. Initial feedback has been fairly positive, so I’ll include it here when I get it.

If you’d like a custom training for your campaign, organization, or business, I’m available for hire. Send serious inquiries to Thank you!

Project Details